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What is Chlorella?

 Chlorella is made up of essential compounds the body needs. Unlike many Super-foods Chlorella contains beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

What is Chlorella Used For?

Chlorella is used to increase “good bacteria” in the intestinal track  improving things like digestion aiding to healthy weight loss.

  Pure Chlorella protects our bodies from harsh chemicals and heavy medals.

Pure Chlorella


Detoxing Benefits

Supports The Immune System

Promotes Weight Loss

Has Cleansing Affects

Helps With Blood Sugar And Cholesterol Levels

Improves Gut Health

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Is Chlorella a detoxifying supplement?

Yes it is primarily known as a detoxifying supplement.

Does Chlorella come in a capsule?

Yes it does.

How much does Healthy1inc Pure Chlorella cost?

$24.99 Unless On Sale.

Is chlorella considered a superfood?

With so many proven health benefits, yes in fact Chlorella is considered a Super-food.

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