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What is in Phytoplankton 7000?

Our Marine Phytoplankton 7000 is an all-natural supplement that is rich in over 100 essential nutrients.  Such a  powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, omega 3, chlorophyll, enzymes and amino acids. Supplementing with phytoplankton can strengthen your immune system and provide heart health. Research has shown that marine phytoplankton is one of the most important foods on the planet high in nutritional value. It’s one of the most potent super-foods on the planet.

Gotu Kola:

Powerful All Natural Superfood with Immune-Boosting Benefits

Gotu Kola is an ancient herb with various benefits from promoting mental clarity and relaxation, to support blood circulation and tissue strength. It is also known to possibly boost brain functions, heal skin issues and promote liver and kidney health.


All Natural Supplements Backed by Science

Fo-Ti stimulates the body to produce many substances that promote longevity. Properties of the plant may enhance circulation, strengthen red blood cell membranes and enhance the immune system.


Eucommia Natural Supplements Better Life

From traditional Chinese medicine, Eucommia promotes healthy a kidney and can strengthen muscles. Other benefits include weight loss, prevent osteoporosis, and enhance heart health.


Bioperine All Natural Phytoplankton Supplements

Bioperine increases the absorption rates of nutrients within the body. Bioperine can essentially break down your fat cells while increasing your internal temperature, therefore supplying your body with a high amount of thermal energy.

Benefits of the product include:

• Boosts immune system
• Promotes healthy cells
• Clear and beautiful skin
• Healthy glucose levels
• Alleviates signs of depression
• Supports healthy cholesterol level
• Improves Mental Clarity
• Contains essential, trace minerals

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